Wednesday, 19 April 2017

How to Utilize Decor to Soothe Your Soul

Have you ever come home after a long day to relax only to find yourself even more restless than you were before? Have you ever considered that how your home is decorated could be the cause of your restlessness? If you haven't, then perhaps it's time to reconsider some of your favorite pieces in your home, or at least reconsider how you accentuate those pieces with the rest of your rooms. Patterns, colors, and textures all affect your mood and state of being in different ways. If you're looking to calm, or soothe yourself with your surroundings then here's how to achieve that through decorating:

Step 1: Declutter!

You may already have great pieces for soothing in your home but they could be covered by papers, clothes, and unhung art. For instance, that cherry coffee table that was purchased for its velvety surface and rich color is now covered in magazines, mail, and coasters galore. Declutter. The driftwood end table every houseguest usually compliments is now buried under sweaters that are taken off upon coming home. Declutter. And the faux stone panels that were put on to accent the room with natural textures is still hidden by artwork purchased but never hung as it simply leans against the wall in a hopeful manner. Declutter. Decluttering can often be the only step that you need to make a home more soothing.

Step 2: Look at your patterns, colors, and textures.

Those geometric tessellated pillows, that paisley printed couch, and those plaid armchairs are your statement pieces. They breathe life and add vibrancy to the room but perhaps they do it a bit too well. Instead of eliminating your favorite pieces of furniture attempt to mute them a bit by painting the wall adjacent to the furniture it's complimentary warm or cool color. For example, if those plaid armchairs are mainly white and bright yellow, as in Canary yellow, the accent wall then should be a cooler blue, such as Persian, Midnight, and Navy blues.

Choosing new patterns for your accent pieces is another option if you'd rather redesign your home. There are a few ways to introduce patterns without overwhelming a space. Choosing solid color materials for your furniture then adorning one wall with a painted, wallpapered, or paneled pattern is one way to achieve a soothing yet interesting space. For example, abstractly flowing shapes in larger prints versus smaller prints could be added to the wall adjacent to your steel colored chaise. Emphasis is on the larger print of a pattern here because the smaller a print is, the busier it appears. Busier prints of course, strains the eye which then changes a calm person into an agitated person.

Introducing natural pattern into a room can also affect a room in a soothing manner. In addition to the driftwood end table that was uncovered by decluttering, adding a faux stone panel on your accent wall can bring the outdoors inside thus creating a more natural feeling setting then what would be achieved through blown up abstract patterns. These panels introduce pattern without being overly incumbent because they're not real stone, which can actually change the structural integrity of the wall it's mortared onto. Patterns from nature also add texture which can dramatically affect how soothing a room can be. Cold steel tables, for example, are transformed by the same faux stone panels because the panels add a natural texture and overall warmth to the room. If you'd rather go for smoother natural textures then adding pieces such as driftwood art can be added to the same room rather than the panels of stone. 

Patterns, colors, and textures greatly affect the mood of your home which can affect your temperament. If you're coming home to find that you simply cannot relax then consider changing the design of your space to better suit your mood.

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